Variation in the core lexicon

Signs from the core lexicon of LSE (Spanish Sign Language) can exhibit variations, with multiple configurations bearing the same meaning. For instance, geographic variation is evident in the sign for FATHER: in Alicante, it is signed with the index and middle fingers extended23.png, while in Madrid, the ring and little fingers are also extended48.png(Herrero Blanco, 2009, p. 59) (Phonology).

In terms of social variation determined by the gender of the signer, in Valencia, different signs for WEDNESDAY have been observed between men and women, coinciding with different activities at La Purísima School. Men associate WEDNESDAY with showering, while women associate it with washing clothes (Chapa, 2001, pp. 303-304).

Regarding age-related variation, some older individuals use a 'G' handshape6.pngto sign COMMUNICATION, which is different from the more prevalent, contemporary use of a 'C' handshape54.pngfor COMMUNICATION (Chapa, 2001, p. 305) (Phonology).

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