The Grammar of Spanish Sign Language (GramLSE) aims to describe the structure of Spanish sign language (lengua de signos española, LSE) through its components and their relationships. It is based on the usage of the language and its explanations are illustrated with examples from, among other resources, the Corpus of Spanish Sign Language (CORLSE). It is also a reference work that favors the proper use of the language and contributes to its analysis.

The elaboration of GramLSE is based on studies of Spanish sign language that have already been carried out. The GramLSE also highlights the areas that still lack sufficient research to stimulate new studies. Specialists in Spanish sign language, research staff and, of course, the signing community, participate in the GramLSE development. The GramLSE is a resource available for any field related to LSE, such as linguistics, teaching, and interpretation, among others.

The contents of the GramLSE are uploaded as they are developed.



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