Verbs and Role-shifting in ASL

Autor/a: PADDEN, Carol
Año: 1986
Editorial: Washington, DC: The National Association of the Deaf, 1986
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital


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Verbs in ASL have attracted much attention for the reason that they are very complex structures. Since the time of the last NSSLRT in 1980, additional descriptions of different types of verb structures have been completed to review some descriptions of ASL verbs and then turn to a problem that now faces researchers of ASL about how some verb morphemes should be described. This problem concerns how to describe the locations in space that these morphemes include. As I discuss below, certain structures in ASL sentences, broadly called "role-shifting", play an important role in this description. I do not propose a full description of "role-shifting" here but rather, I would like to offer some observations about this structure as a first step toward a better description.

En: C. Padden (Ed.) Proceedings of the 4th National Symposium on Signing Research and Teaching.