Why should linguistic diversity be maintained and supported in Europe?

Año: 2002
Editorial: Estrasburgo: Consejo de Europa, 2002
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital




This text, part of a series published by the Language Policy Division, is  clearly significant in its own right because it deals with certain influential factors in the organisation  and  sociolinguistic  foundations  of  language  teaching  and  in the linguistic ideologies at work in problems related to the languages of Europe. It is, however,  part  of  a  larger  project  since  it  is  one  element  of  a  collection  of  publications focused on the  Guide  for  the  Development  of  Language  Education  Policies in Europe: From Linguistic Diversity to Plurilingual Education.

This Guide is  both  a  descriptive  and  programmatic  document  whose  purpose  is  to  demonstrate  the  complexity  of  the  questions  involved  in  language  teaching,  often  dealt  with  in  a  simplistic  manner.  It  aims  to  describe  the  processes  and  conceptual  tools  needed  for  the  analysis  of  educational  contexts  with  respect  to  languages and for the organisation of language learning and teaching according  to the principles of the Council of Europe.