Understanding Deafhood: in search of its meanings

Autor/a: KUSTERS, Annelies; DE MEULDER, Maartje
Año: 2013
Editorial: American Annals of the Deaf Nº 158, Vol. 5 (2013) pp. 428-438
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital


Comunidad y cultura sorda, Educación


The autors argue that Deafhood (a term coined by Dr. Paddy Ladd) is an open-ended concept with an essentialist core. They describe how deaf people who have attend their Deafhood lectures and workshops have perceived different aspects of the Deafhood concept, and compare the basic tenets of Deafhood and criticisms on Deafhood theories and criticism on feminist essentialisms. The authors find that the vagueness and wideness of the Deafhood concept is one of its strenghts, though they also find that it is in some respects problematic to combine and unite ontology and liberation theory in one concept.