Two New AZee Production Rules Refining Multiplicity in French Sign Language

Autor/a: MARTINOD, Emmanuella; DANET, Claire; FILHOL, Michael
Año: 2022
Editorial: European Language Resources Association
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital


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This paper is a contribution to sign language (SL) modeling. We focus on the hitherto imprecise notion of "Multiplicity", assumed to express plurality in French Sign Language (LSF), using AZee approach. AZee is a linguistic and formal approach to modeling LSF. It takes into account the linguistic properties and specificities of LSF while respecting constraints linked to a modeling process. We present the methodology to extract AZee production rules. Based on the analysis of strong form-meaning associations in SL data (elicited image descriptions and short news), we identified two production rules structuring the expression of multiplicity in LSF. We explain how these newly extracted production rules are different from existing ones. Our goal is to refine the AZee approach to allow the coverage of a growing part of LSF. This work could lead to an improvement in SL synthesis and SL automatic translation.

En Proceedings of the LREC2022 10th Workshop on the Representation and Processing of Sign Languages: Multilingual Sign Language Resources.