The Use of Technology in Sign Language Testing: Results of a Pre-Pandemic Survey

Autor/a: HAUG, Tobias; MANN, Wolfgang; HOLZKNECHT, Franz
Año: 2023
Editorial: Sign Language Studies, 23(2), 243-281
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital


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This study is a follow-up to previous research conducted in 2012 on computer-assisted language testing (CALT) that applied a survey approach to investigate the use of technology in sign language testing worldwide. The goal of the current study was to replicate the 2012 study and to obtain updated information on the use of technology in sign language testing. Another goal was to broaden the scope of the previous study by also considering the use of automatic sign language recognition and production (by avatars) in applied testing scenarios through technologies that make use of artificial intelligence (AI). Thirty-two sign language testing professionals participated in the current study. The results of the survey confirm the findings from 2012, but also raise new issues for future research (trends) related to sign language testing, such as the use of automatic sign language recognition for automatic scoring and the problem of acquiring funding for developing and maintaining web-based sign language testing platforms.