SSL in the European Language Portfolio: a unifying tool in primary school

Autor/a: BAO FENTE, María C.
Año: 2013
Editorial: 2013
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital




The following paper deals with, on the one hand, the description of European Language Portfolio (ELP) and the European project in which it is integrated. On the other hand, we will explain how the ELP was adapted to include Spanish Sign Language (SSL) as well as the reasons why we proposed teaching with this material in two primary schools in Galicia (Spanish acronym: CEIP). Finally, we will focus on analysing the changes registered in participants’ linguistic attitudes in the process of multimodal portfolio implementation2. We aim to contribute to the development of necessary theoretical and practical support for the appropriate teaching of SSL as a first or second language (L1 or L2) in schools. We think that fostering SSL learning, teaching and assessing in an educational context is vital for showing the benefits brought about by the acknowledgement of this language, not only for the deaf but also for hearing students, their families and teachers.