Sobering Truths of Deaf Faculty of Color: Audism, Linguicism and Racism but That isn’t All [vídeo]

Autor/a: MOGES-RIEDEL, Rezenet
Año: 2022
Editorial: CSLS: Languages and Lives in Deaf Communities
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Vídeo digital


Comunidad y cultura sorda


When Deaf Faculty of Color (DFOC) shared their truth and reasons about their underrepresentation, this paper aims to illuminate their intersectional experiences at predominantly hearing-serving universities and community colleges. While they are underrepresented, their student learning experiences still benefit from their faculty members’ diverse backgrounds, despite all microaggressions and oppressions they have gone through. From the narratives of DFOC, the different types of oppressions are revealed through audism, linguicism and racism.

A proposed of a new standpoint epistemology from two marginalized identities will use Deaf Latinx Critical theory (García-Fernández, 2014, 2020) and its four tenets—intersectionality, ideologies, consciousness, and story-telling—while drawing in DFOC’s narratives about their retention experiences in higher education.  This framework synthesizes each tenet to explore their intersectionality and centralizes their resilience toward possible oppressions from the dominant majority in their workforce.  Thus, when performing this grounded theory method, my study is structured with performative and interpretive practices in a way to make their world visible.