The signing family: what every parent should know about sign communication

Autor/a: STEWART, David A.; LUETKE-STAHLMAN, Barbara
Año: 1998
Editorial: Wasington: Gallaudet University Press, 1998
Tipo de código: ISBN
Código: 978-1-56368-069-4
Soporte: Papel


Educación » Familia y Atención temprana


Parents of deaf children concerned with finding the best means of communication for their family will welcome the straightforward, reader-friendly information found in The Signing Family. In a style both positive and pragmatic, authors Stewart and Luetke-Stahlman employ common-sense reasoning to establish the importance of teaching deaf children language fundamentals as early as possible. This essential book for parents continues by explaining why the visual-gestural nature of signing is generally the best language mode for deaf children.