Sign Language Research 1994: proceedings of the 4th European Congress on Sign Language Research: Munich, september 1-3, 1994

Autor/a: European Congress on Sign Language Research (4º. 1994. Munich)
Año: 1994
Editorial: Hamburg: Signum, 1994
Colección: International Studies on Sign Language and Communication of the Deaf; vol. 29
Tipo de código: ISBN
Código: 3-927731-57-9
Soporte: Papel


Lingüística, Lingüística » Lingüística de otras Lenguas de Signos


HambThe Fourth European Congress on Sign Language Research that was held in september 1994 in Munich is linked to a series of congresses that were held in previous years: Brussels (1982), Noordwijkerhout (1985) and Hamburg (1989). The originapurpose of these congresses was to provide an opportunity for European researchers, most of whom were working quite isolated, to meet each other, to discuss work and to start joint projects.