Sign language interpreter quality: the perspective of deaf sign language users in the Netherlands

Autor/a: WIT, Maya de; SLUIS, Irma
Año: 2014
Editorial: Maya de Wit & Irma Sluis, 2014
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital


Traducción e Interpretación


This study explores the quality of sign language interpreters in the Netherlands from a deaf user perspective. Deaf sign language users select an interpreter according to situa-tional factors, the interpreter's professional skills and norms. The choice for a specific in-terpreter is based on a set of individual quality criteria. Results of the study indicate that consumers firstly aim to select an interpreter who will render a faithful and understand-able interpretation. Further results show that the criteria vary depending on the setting, such as employment, education, and community. Lastly, the study suggests that many deaf sign language users lack awareness regarding the professional requirements of the interpreter, and also many interpreters lack insight regarding the expectations of the deaf sign language user.