Rights and Responsibilities: The Relationship Between Deaf People and Interpreters

Autor/a: TURNER, G. H.
Año: 1995
Editorial: Deafness, Vol. 11, nº 3 (1995) pp. 4–8
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital


Traducción e Interpretación


In this, the first part of a two-part article, I examine the relationship between interpreters and Deaf people, focusing on the rights and responsibilities that belong to Deaf people within this somewhat interdependent relationship. In part two (Regulation and responsibility: the relationship between interpreters and Deaf people—this volume), I look more closely at interpreters and the development of a mutually supportive, constructively critical relationship between professional service provid- ers and consumers. Readers may find it odd that a hearing person who is not an interpreter should be writing on this issue. The article should certainly be considered with this in mind. At the same time, it may be seen as valuable to have a relatively disinterested commentary on such sensitive matters. My primary aim is simply to stimulate discussion.