Religion and Deaf Identity

Autor/a: BUCHHOLZ, Noah; LEIGH, Darby J.
Año: 2019
Editorial: Oxford
Tipo de código: ISBN
Soporte: Digital


Comunidad y cultura sorda


This chapter represents the first-ever effort to examine the role of religion in the realm of deaf identities. The authors, both of whom are deaf religious leaders, with one representing Christianity and the other Judaism, provide a cutting-edge analysis of the relationship between religion and deaf identities. They present different interpretations based on religious treatises that include perspectives of deaf people. These perspectives are fraught with the complexities of multiple social identities that interact with the deaf identity component. While religion has the potential to coalesce deaf people and affirm their deaf identities, the chapter also explores how the religious setting can manifest the dynamics of oppression, dynamics that potentially may result in personal and community dissociation.

En I. Leigh y C. O’Brien, Deaf Identities: Exploring New Frontiers.