Processos de lexicalització en llengua de signes catalana de denominacions de l’àmbit del moviment associatiu sordsignant

Autor/a: BOSCH, Marta; JARQUE, Maria Josep; FOS, Lidia; GIMÉNEZ, Cynthia
Año: 2021
Editorial: Zeitschrift für Katalanistik, 34
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital


Lingüística » Lingüística de otras Lenguas de Signos


This contribution aims to analyse the types of word formation processes for signs denominating Catalan Deaf organisations in Catalan Sign Language. First, a corpus has been created from video-signed texts by identifying and extracting terms of the associate-member organisations. Second, a terminological data file template has been designed using common standard criteria to feed a terminological database. Following the group’s previous work (Jarque, Bosch-Baliarda, & Codorniu, 2019), 4 types of lexicalisation processes have been analysed: formal (e.g. compounding, blending), functional (e.g lexicalisation, zero derivation), borrowing (e.g loanwords, mouthings) and semantic (e.g semantic change, extension). The cognitive mechanisms involved (conceptual metaphor and metonymy) are also described. The analysis is framed within the construction-based theoretical models and points out the need to establish new complex non-linear models to explain the multiple processes involved.