Places of silence

Autor/a: GULLIVER, Mike
Año: 2008
Editorial: Australia: Blackshaw, 2008
Tipo de código: Copyright
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Comunidad y cultura sorda


 On Tursday morning, 9 September 1880, the International Congress for the Improvementof the Conditions of the Deaf, in Milan, was preparing for its most important vote. For the164 voting delegates, representing a wide variety of European, and North and South Americanschools, religious and charity organisations and governments, this was the moment they had been waiting for. Following years of background correspondence, alliance building andpoliticking, and four days of intense debate, this was the vote that justifed their attendance,that would shape the reports that they would take home, and would set the oficial path of their own countries’ and organisations’ future education of deaf children.

En: F Vanclay, M Malpas y M Higgins (eds.), Making Sense of Place: Exploring Concepts and Expressions of Place through Different Senses and Lenses.