Patterns and effects of language input to deaf infants and toddlers from deaf and hearing mothers

Autor/a: SPENCER, Patricia E.; HARRIS, Margaret
Año: 2006
Editorial: Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2006
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital


Educación » Adquisición y desarrollo del lenguaje


This chapter addresses characteristics of input that are especially facilitative of the development of a signed visual-gestural language. We begin by considering some key beneficial characteristics of language addressed to young children learning a spoken language and then explore similarities and differences between these characteristics and those that influence early sign development. We describe how deaf mothers adapt their signing to benefit young deaf children who are just beginning to learn sign, and we consider similarities and differences in the sign adaptations of deaf mothes who are fluent signers and hearing mothers who are new signers.
En: SCHICK, B. y otros (Eds.):Advances in the Sign Language Development of Deaf Children (2006) pp. 71- 101.