Online Evaluation of Text-to-sign Translation by Deaf End Users: Some Methodological Recommendations

Autor/a: ROELOFSEN, Floris; ESSELINK, Lyke; MENDE-GILLINGS, Shani; DE MEULDER, Maartje; SIJM, Nienke; SMEIJERS, Anika
Año: 2021
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Tipo de código: Copyright
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We present a number of methodological recommendations concerning the online evaluation of avatars for text-to-sign translation, focusing on the structure, format and length of the questionnaire, as well as methods for eliciting and faithfully transcribing responses.

Proceedings of the 18th Biennial Machine Translation Summit, Virtual USA, August 16 - 20, 2021 1st International Workshop on Automatic Translation for Signed and Spoken Languages.