The Next Generation of Research in Interpreter Education: Pursuing Evidence-Based Practices

Autor/a: ROY, Cynthia B.; WINSTON, Elizabeth A. (eds.)
Año: 2018
Editorial: Washington D. C.: Gallaudet University Press, 2018
Tipo de código: ISBN
Código: 978-1-944838-33-1
Soporte: Papel


Traducción e Interpretación


This collection contributes to an emerging body of research in sign language interpreter education, a field in which research on teaching practices has been rare. The Next Generation of Research in Interpreter Education investigates learning experiences and teaching practices that provide the evidence necessary to inform and advance instructional approaches. The five studies included in this volume examine role-play activities in the classroom, the experiences of Deaf students in interpreting programs, reducing anxiety in the interpreting process, mentoring, and self-assessment. The contributors are a nascent group of educators who represent a growing mastery of contemporary standards in interpreter education. Their chapters share a common theme: the experiences and learning environments of students as they progress toward entry into the interpreting profession.