New Skills and professional profiles required for the sign language interpreter profession in Europe

Autor/a: European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters efsli
Año: 2012
Editorial: efsli, 2012
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The sign language interpreter profession is facing changes across Europe. This is due to new situations arising, such as changes within the Deaf community, technological improvements, development of the profession of the Deaf interpreter, etc. In regards to this challenging context efsli decided to run a survey (see Appendix I) within its full members, the national associations of sign language interpreters (hereafter NASLIs).This questionnaire aimed to identify and forecast the new skills required for this new panorama, matching those skills with the demands of the consumers. The survey (see Appendix I) consisted of two parts. The first part was focused on identifying the new skills required for sign language interpreters. The objective of the second part was to have a general outlook of the Deaf interpreter profession across Europe.