Name signs as identity symbols in the deaf community

Autor/a: MEADOW, Kathryn P.
Año: 1977
Editorial: Sign Language Studies, nº 16 (1977) pp. 237–246
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital


Comunidad y cultura sorda


In every culture, great importance is attached to the naming of children. There is a whole complex of legal as well as cultural norms attached to the assignment of first names and the changing of surnames. There are special customs, sanctions, rituals, and ceremonies attending the naming of children in particular religious and ethnic groups that symbolize the entrance, acceptance, and welcome of a new group member, and that reflect the importance of group cohesion. Names are a key symbol and summary of personal identity, the first identifying marker used for specifying an individual. The study of names and naming can often provide interesting and revealing insights about a particular subgroup within a larger culture. It was this general formulation that led to my interest in examining the assignment and use of name signs in the deaf community.