Modality issues in simultaneous sign language interpreting

Autor/a: PADDEN, Carol
Año: 2001
Editorial: Interpreting. Vol. 5, Nº2 (2001) pp. 169-185
Tipo de código: ISSN
Código: 1384-6647
Soporte: Digital


Traducción e Interpretación


In this paper I examine simultaneous sign language interpreting with a focus on two dimensions: interpreting between two different languages. As I discuss, there is interplay between the two. At times, the task at hand is modality-driven, and at other times, structure-driven. When sign language interpreters are at work, the two dimensions come together in interesting ways, and as I will argue, offer ways to understand the task of simultaneous interpreting between spoken languages. I discuss sign language phonology and how it interacts with the constraints of simultaneous interpreting; I also discuss the possibilities of visual and spatial representation in sign languages, and how these present interesting dilemmas for interpreters working under time constraints.