Making mentoring matter: a case study in mentoring educational interpreters

Autor/a: JUDD, J.; LEWIS, T.; BONTEMPO, K.
Año: 2013
Editorial: RID Press, 2013
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital


Traducción e Interpretación


Formal mentoring, professional learning opportunities, and structured skill development  programs, particularly for educational interpreters, have been the exception rather than the rule in Australia. Many educational interpreters in Australia, not unlike the situation in other countries around the world, do not hold interpreter certification and are novice practitioners in considerable need of support in a complex setting. In recognition of the need to better support the skill development of educational interpreters, a mentoring project was developed in one Australian state and implemented in a number of schools. This chapter will detail the trials and tribulations of the mentoring project and the journey travelled by the participants and the mentors. The outcomes of the project will be highlighted, including recommendations for mentoring educational interpreters in the future, with a view to ensuring mentoring matters.

In Winston, E. A. & Lee, R. (Eds). Mentoring.