Living on the edge: the marginalisation and 'resistance' of D/deaf youth

Autor/a: VALENTINE, Gill; SKELTON, Tracey
Año: 2003
Editorial: Environment and Planning, Vol. 35 (2003) pp. 301-321
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital


Comunidad y cultura sorda


In this paper we examine D/deaf young people's sociospatial transitions from childhood to adulthood. We begin by identifying the common processes through which D/deaf young people may become marginalised in four spaces: at home, in educational institutions, in the workplace, and within Deaf communities. We then go on to consider how these shared predicaments may however result in different outcomes for individuals by focusing on four personal stories. These case studies enable us to consider what resources and forms of social support or assurance can help young people to be resilient in the face of the difficulties that they encounter, and what sort of experiences advance or aggravate processes of marginalisation. We conclude by reflecting on notions of individualisation, structure, and agency; and by outlining the practical and policy implications of the research.