Life with two languages: an introduction to Bilingualism

Autor/a: GROSJEAN, Fraçois
Año: 1982
Editorial: Cambridge: Havard University Press, cop. 1982
Tipo de código: ISBN
Código: 0-674-53092-6
Soporte: Papel




This book is about people who use two or more languages in their everyday life. Contrary to general belief, bilinguals are rarely equally fluent in their languages; some speak one language better than another, others use one of their languages in specific situations, and others still can only read or write one of the languages they speak. And yet, what characterizes all of them is that they interact with the world around them in two or more languages. Bilingualism is present in practically every country of the world, in all classes of society, in all age groups; in fact, it has been estimated that half the world´s population is biligual. This book is about those people.