Legal Recognition and Regulation of Catalan Sign Language

Autor/a: JARQUE, Maria Josep; BOSCH BALIARDA, Marta; GONZÁLEZ, Menchu
Año: 2019
Editorial: Multilingual Matters
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital




Catalan Sign Language (llengua de signes catalana, hereafter LSC) is the primary means of communication of deaf and deafblind signers in Catalonia. Politically, Catalonia is an autonomous community within Spain with an independent legislative mandate in culture, language policies and educational issues, among others. Catalonia has a strong national identity and a long tradition of advocating for the Catalan language and culture. Geographically, LSC is used within Catalonia only. This differs from the geographical distribution of the coexisting offi cial spoken languages, namely Spanish and Catalan, which are also spoken outside Catalonia.

En M. De Meulder, J. J. Murray y R. L. Mckee (Eds.), The legal recognition of sign languages: advocacy and outcomes around the world.