Language Proficiency Profile-2

Autor/a: BEBKO, James
Año: 2004
Editorial: [S.l.]: [S.n.], 2004
Tipo de código: Copyright
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Educación » Adquisición y desarrollo del lenguaje, Lingüística » Lingüística de otras Lenguas de Signos


The Language Proficiency Profile-2 (LPP-2; Bebko & McKinnon, 1993) is a ”multiple-choice rating scale to be completed by a person familiar with the child’s language skills” (Bebko et al., 2003, 439). The goal of the LPP-2 is to evaluate the overall linguistic and communicative skills of deaf children, independent of any specific language or modality. Looking at the diverse population of deaf children, one can find the use of different forms of languages and modalities, i.e. American Sign Language (ASL), Signed English, Pidgin Signed English, or spoken English. The primary goal of the LPP-2 is to “evaluate the child’s overall developing language skills, independent of a specific modality of expression or specific standard language”(Bebko et al., 2003, 439).