Language contact and borrowing

Autor/a: ADAM, Robert
Año: 2012
Editorial: De Gruyter Mouton
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital




This chapter is concerned with contact between sign languages and spoken languages, contact between sign languages, and the outcomes of this contact. Earlier approaches focusing on diglossia and pidginization and more recent studies of bilingualism and modality, including code-switching, code-mixing, and code-blending and their features are reviewed. The consequences of sign language contact with spoken languages will be detailed, including mouthing and fingerspelling, as will be the outcome of contact be-tween sign languages such as lexical borrowing and International Sign. Contact resulting in language attrition and language death will also be briefly discussed.

En R. Pfau, M. Steinbach y B. Woll (2012), Sign Language: An International Handbook.