It feels like being Deaf is normal': an exploration into the complexities of defining D/deafness and young D/deaf people's identities

Año: 2003
Editorial: The Canadian Geographer/Le Geographe Canadien 47 (2003) pp. 45-466
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital


Comunidad y cultura sorda


In this article we examine the ways in which young D/deaf British people express and experience their identities and how their D/deafness intersects with other self-identifications. We examine the controversial debates within D/deaf communities, cultures and studies about D/deafness as disability versus D/deafness as linguistic minority. We explore the ways in which 'Deaf' and 'deaf' definitions and identities contradict, overlap, coexist and compete. At the same time we discuss the problems with binary constructions of deaf/hearing or Deaf/deaf for capturing the full experiences of young D/deaf people's lives. We consider the reasons why there is such a dearth of research within the social sciences which focuses on young D/deaf people's lives and discuss the complexities of conducting this type of research. Young D/deaf people's articulations of identities and cultural experiences are presented. We conclude with suggestions for researchers and also with a hope that the current D/deaf challenges towards the hearing world and deaf challenges within the Deaf world may bring future possibilities and opportunities for D/deaf young people in the U.K.