Interpreters as agents of language planning

Autor/a: McKEE, Rachel; NILSSON, Anna-Lena
Año: 2023
Editorial: Translation and Interpreting Studies. The Journal of the American Translation and Interpreting Studies Association
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital


Traducción e Interpretación


Sign language interpreters onstage at public and political events have recently become more visible in the linguistic landscapes of many countries. Accessibility principles and policy measures have gained traction internationally, and Deaf communities have also recently achieved formal recognition of a national sign language in many countries, including in New Zealand and Norway. Resulting discourses of language planning and of access are now converging to position sign language interpreters as simultaneously agents of language planning (specifically, prestige and image planning) and as instruments of accessibility. This article interrogates the ideological context (motives, beliefs, practices) and perceived effects of increasing interpreter presence in public arenas in New Zealand and Norway, based on interview data from interpreters, interpreting service users and providers, and Deaf informants.