Instruments for Lifting Language Barriers in Intercultural Legal Proceedings: EU project JAI/2003/AGIS/048

Autor/a: KEIJZER-LAMBOOY, Heleen (ed.); GASILLE, Willem (ed.)
Año: 2005
Editorial: Amsterdam: Hogeschool voor Tolken en Vertalen, 2005
Tipo de código: ISBN
Código: 90-809509-1-2
Soporte: Papel




This book contains viewpoints and practical ideas for members of the judiciary working with interpreters and translators. It builds on the European Commision's Proposal for a Framework Decision on certain procedural rights applying in proceedings in criminal matters throughout the EU, published in 2004. The authors of the articles in this book presented their opinion on several articles of the Proposal and put them in the perspective of their own practice and country.