Innovations in Deaf Studies: Critically Mapping the Field

Autor/a: KUSTERS, Annelies; DE MEULDER, Maartje; O'BRIEN, Dai
Año: 2017
Editorial: 2017
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital


Comunidad y cultura sorda


In this introductory chapter, the editors critically map the field of Deaf Studies. Central in this discussion is an exploration of themes that have been investigated in the field and a critical examination of the theoretical frameworks and concepts that have been used including the deaf culture concept and the d/D writing convention. The editors then flag up current theoretical trends in the field and consider how the field can be strengthened. Subsequently, they discuss the hegemony of hearing scholars in Deaf Studies, and collaboration between deaf and hearing scholars. They explore experiences of deaf researchers within research contexts and within academia, followed by a discussion of ethical research practice. Having thus established the theoretical and socio-political context of the current state of the field of Deaf Studies, the editors introduce the main themes of the current volume and explicate the unifying threads that run through the following chapters.

En: Innovations in Deaf Studies: The Role of Deaf Scholars