Identity and Coping: Deaf Sign Language Interpreters and Secondary Traumatic Stress

Autor/a: RUSSELL, Debra; CHOVAZ, Cathy; NICHOLSON, Wayne; ENGLISH, Margie; PAQUETTE, Victoria
Año: 2023
Editorial: Journal of Interpretation, 31(1)
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital


This article describes the results of a mixed methods study with 47 Deaf sign language interpreters (D-SLIs) and their experiences with secondary traumatic stress (STS). By replicating AUTHOR AND AUTHOR (2020) research, this study contributes data based on the unique experiences of Canadian and American Deaf interpreters and allows us to contrast the findings to the original study with non-Deaf interpreters (ND-SLIs). The findings reveal that the majority of D-SLIs did not experience clinical levels of STS, compassion satisfaction, anxiety, or burnout. In looking at the results, one-third of the D-SLIs showed comparable levels of STS and compassion satisfaction but less burnout than the ND-SLIs. Recommendations are identified, including the need to offer secondary traumatic stress specific training for all SLIs. The study has implications for all sign language interpreters and interpreter educators in designing educational programs and professional development.