Health hazard evaluation report: Ohio chapter, registry of interpreters for the deaf

Año: 1994
Editorial: NIOSH Report number, HETA-92-0268-2477 (1994)
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In response to a request from the Ohio Chapter of the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, an investigation was begun into the problem of musculoskeletal disorders among interpreters for the deaf (SIC-9999). A self administered questionnaire and a medical examination were administered to interpreters attending a conference; 106 persons were included in the analysis of the symptom questionnaire data and 105 in the analysis of the examination data. About 86% of the participants were women. Over 92% of the participants reported symptoms occurring in at least one part of their body during the year prior to the study. About 23% of the study group had tenderness or pain in the hand/wrist area upon palpation or manipulation during the physical examinations. The authors conclude that the prevalence of upper extremity musculoskeletal disorders based on positive symptoms and positive physical exam findings was low. The authors suggest that the symptoms reported may be related to the number of hours spent interpreting each week. The authors recommend that efforts be made to reduce biomechanical stresses during work as a sign language interpreter.