Global Deafhood: Exploring Myths and Realities

Autor/a: LADD, Paddy
Año: 2015
Editorial: Gallaudet University Press, 2015
Tipo de código: ISBN
Soporte: Papel


Comunidad y cultura sorda


I am honored to contribute to this important book, which has implications beyond Deaf studies itself and asks questions of great significance for Deaf people in every country in the world. In this chapter I tease out some of those implications and indicate their importance not only on the individual level of personal identity but on the collective level as well. Implications for the latter include how Sign Language Peoples (SLPs)1 in each country prioritize activities and policy development necessary for advancing the health of their communities, and how these relate to transnational organizations such as the World Federation of the Deaf (WFD). I examine Deaf differences and commonalities through the lens of the Deafhood concept to help illustrate how existing tensions between both might be resolved.

En: Friedner, M. y Kusters, A. (2015): It's a small world: international deaf spaces and encounters, pp. 274-286.