Gendered Discourse and ASL-to-English Interpreting: A Poststructuralist Approach to Gendered Discourse and the ASL-to-English Interpretive Process

Autor/a: McDOUGALL, Diana E.;
Año: 2012
Editorial: Journal of Interpretation, Vol. 19, nº 1 (2012) pp. 33-69
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital


Traducción e Interpretación


Gender is a socially constructed concept. Individuals learn to perform “appropriate” gendered behaviours, according to the social norms of their respective societies. One form of gender performativity is expressed through discourse. Within the field of ASL-to-English interpretation, very little has been written on gendered discourse styles. Because this field is made up predominantly of white females, issues of gender, race, class, and sexuality influence the final interpreted utterance. This paper explores a post-structuralist framework of gendered discourse as a social construction and then analyzes the implications such gendered features may have on the interpretive process. Previous articles on the interpreting process are analyzed, adding the notion of gendered discourse, to explore the impact such socially constructed expectations have on message equivalence and speaker credibility.