A framework for managing bullying that involves students who are deaf or hearing impaired

Autor/a: DIXON, Roz
Año: 2006
Editorial: Deafness & Education International, Vol. 8, nº 1 (2006) pp. 11-32
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital


Educación » Aspectos psicológicos y cognitivos


One of the values of retrospective studies in bullying is that they give the ‘service‐user’ an opportunity to feed their experiences and suggestions back into the school system. This paper reports on the advice given to schools by a cross section of adults who were D/deaf (n = 35) during a qualitative, retrospective study on bullying that involves children who are deaf. From their suggestions it was possible to sketch a framework for a recursive cycle of interventions targeting children, staff, the school as a whole and the wider community. Participants' opinions and suggestions varied widely but in so doing mirrored current dilemmas in anti‐bullying work. A suggestion is made for a six pronged approach to combat bullying.