Exploring the Contours of DEAF-SAME Kinship Bonds and Mutuality in United Methodist Short-Term Missions

Autor/a: VAN GILDER, Kirk
Año: 2015
Editorial: Gallaudet University Press, 2015
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Papel


Comunidad y cultura sorda


In 1997, a group of clergy and laity from Christ United Methodist Church of the Deaf and Asbury United Methodist Church (UMC) in Maryland visited the Kaaga School for the Deaf in Meru, Kenya, to investigate the possibility of a larger mission team visit composed of Deaf and hearing participants. The following year, a team was organized that decided to intentionally highlight Deaf leadership to draw attention to the abilities and leadership qualities of Deaf people. As a white Deaf North American clergyperson on this two-week trip, I found myself teaching, preaching, praying, and playing with Deaf Kenyan children. In this way, the presence of deaf-same identity bonds formed a powerful connection between these children and myself despite the fact that I am a white man from the United States.

En: Friedner, M. y Kusters, A. (2015): It's a small world: international deaf spaces and encounters, pp.140-149.