European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages: classroom activities

Autor/a: BROHY, Claudine; CLIMENT-FERRANDO, Vincent; OSZMIANSKA-PAGETT, Aleksandra; RAMALLO, Fernando
Año: 2019
Editorial: Consejo de Europa, 2019
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital




This publication is composed of three parts. Part A is a general presentation of language diversity and a description of the European Charter for Regional or Minority Languages as a legal instrument. Part B includes three prototypical examples of country profiles of states that ratified the Charter, i.e. Poland, Spain and Switzerland, with different administrative structures. Part C contains ten teaching activities on minority language issues. Bearing in mind that the educational systems across Europe are diverse and also in a continuous process of change, the activities contained here have been designed to allow adaptation to the particular country contexts. A glossary defining the main terms used in the document and a bibliography are included at the end.

This publication is intended as a starting point for a Council of Europe webbased project which will include additional country profiles and teaching activities. As the project develops, it will reflect a better picture of language diversity and will contribute to raising awareness about minority language issues in our societies.