Ethical implications of language standardisation for sign language interpreters

Autor/a: CRASBORN, Onno; WIT, Maya de
Año: 2005
Editorial: Selected proceedings from the Supporting Deaf People online conferences 2001-2005 (2005) pp. 112-119
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital


Traducción e Interpretación


Sign language interpreters in the Netherlands are confronted with an unexpected ethical dilemma, involving language politics. These language politics involve the implementation of the standardisation of Sign Language of the Netherlands that was initiated  by  the  Dutch  government.  In  this  paper  we  pose  that  the  task  of  the interpreter is to facilitate communication according to the client’s wishes, and not to use the language variant that is assigned a special  status through governmental policies. Many themes with  regard  to language standardisatio  would  merit serious discussion,  but  in  this paper we choose to limit ourselves to the consequences for interpreters.

En: J. Mole (ed.) International perspectives on interpreting.