Ensuring language aquisition for deaf children: what linguists can do

Autor/a: HUMPHRIES, Tom; KUSHALNAGAR, Poorna; MATHUR, Gaurav; NAPOLI, Donna Jo; PADDEN, Carol; RATHMANN, Christian
Año: 2014
Editorial: Language. Vol. 90, Nº 2 (2014) pp. 31-52
Tipo de código: DOI
Código: 10.1353/lan.2014.003
Soporte: Digital


Educación, Educación » Adquisición y desarrollo del lenguaje, Educación » Aspectos psicológicos y cognitivos


Parents of small deaf children need guidance on constructing home and school environments that affect normal language acquisition. They often turn to physicians and spiritual leaders and, increasingly, the internet. These sources can be underinformed about crucial issues, such as matters of brain plasticity connected to the risk of linguistic deprivation, and delay or disruption in the development of cognitive skills interwoven with lihguistic ability. We have formed a team of specialists in education, linguistics, pediatric medicine, and psychology, and at times specialist in theology and in law have joined oir group. We argue that deaf children should be taught a sign language in the early days.