Endnote: a feast for the eyes: ASL literacy and ASL literature

Autor/a: CHRISTIE, Karen; WILKINS, Dorothy M.
Año: 1997
Editorial: Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education 2:1 (1997) pp. 57
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital


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All languages and cultures have literatures through which they pass down stories and transmit the experience and values of a group of people. In the late 1960s, linguistic analysis of ASL documented that the language of Deaf Americans was bona fide. By the 1980s, cultural descriptions of the DEAF-WORLD began to appear in publications. In more recent times, the literature of ASL has been recognized and celebrated. Perhaps one of the more formal celebrations of ASL literature has been the 1991 and 1996 National American Sign Language Literature Conferences at Rochester, New York.