Educational and developmental aspects of deafness

Autor/a: MOORES, Donald F. (ed.); MEADOW-ORLANS, Kathryn P. (ed.)
Año: 1990
Editorial: Washington: Gallaudet University Press, cop. 1990
Tipo de código: ISBN
Código: 0-930323-52-1
Soporte: Papel




Details the ongoing revolution in the education of deaf children. More than 20 researchers contributed their discoveries in anthropology, education, linguistics, psychology, sociology, and other major disciplines, with special concentration upon the education of deaf children. Divided into two parts on education at home and in school, this incisive book documents breakthroughs such as the public's interest in sign language, the increasing availability of interpreters, the growing perception of deafness as a social condition, not a pathology, and other positive trends. It is unique as the first purely research-based text and reference point for further study of the education of deaf children.