East African Sign Language Seminar: Arusha, Tanzania; 29 August - 9 September 1988: report

Autor/a: East African Sign Language Seminar (1988. Arusha)
Año: 1989
Editorial: Helsinki: Finish Association of the Deaf, [1989]
Tipo de código: Copyright
Código: 1989
Soporte: Papel


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The Seminar was arranged by Tanzania and Finland jointly; a Tanzanian Organizing Committee with members of the Evangelical Lutheran Curch in Tanzania, Mwanga School for the Dead and the Ministry of Education was set up to see to the practical arrangements of the Seminar. The Finnish  counterpart was the Development Cooperation Committee of the Association of the Deaf. The aim of the Seminar was to exange knowledge and share experiences in sign langage from various points of view: the present stage of sign language development in respective countries, modes of instruction in education of deaf children and young people, and methods of a systematic registrations and development of indigenous sign languages.