Discussing bilingualism in Deaf Children: essays in honor of Robert Hoffmeister

Autor/a: ENS, Charlotte; HENNER, Jonathan; McQUARRIE, Lynn (Eds.)
Año: 2021
Editorial: Routledge
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital




This collection unites expert scholars in a comprehensive survey of critical topics in bilingual deaf education. Drawing on the work of Dr. Robert Hoffmeister, chapters explore the concept that a strong first language is critical to later learning and literacy development. In thought-provoking essays, authors discuss the theoretical underpinnings of bilingual deaf education, teaching strategies for deaf students, and the unique challenges of signed language assessment. Essential for anyone looking to expand their understanding of bilingualism and deafness, this volume reflects Dr. Hoffmeister’s impact on the field while demonstrating the ultimate resilience of human language and literacy systems.