Deafness, Language and Culture in Education: Towards Quality Standards for Student Research in Europe

Autor/a: SANTOS, Miguel A.; SWACHTEN, Lejo
Año: 2010
Editorial: Porto: Instituto Politécnico do Porto, 2010
Tipo de código: ISBN
Código: 978-989-96086-3-4
Soporte: Digital




Dreaming the beginning of a book is not something one expects to read about in the introduc on. On the contrary, a crystal clear overview of the subject, its aspects and the di erent angles to look upon it, is what normally is expected. However, every book has a private beginning in the author’s mind; the daydreams during wai ng in queues or during daily rou nes. These trivial and private ac vi- es like wai ng and doing rou ne tasks are more o en labelled as ´doing nothing´. Ehn and Löfgren (2010) give another meaning to these ac vi es; they are highly relevant and significant ´non-events´ in the backyards of modernity with its constant and transforma on, where solid melts and nothing stays the same´ (p. 207). They are places to hide oneself from the everyday hec c of life, ´the bohemian ip side of Western modernity´ (p. 208).