Deaf Mental Health Care

Autor/a: GLICKMAN, Neil S.
Año: 2012
Editorial: Routledge, 2012
Tipo de código: ISBN
Código: 9780415894753
Soporte: Papel


Educación » Aspectos psicológicos y cognitivos


This volume presents a state of the art account of the clinical specialty of mental health care of deaf people. Drawing upon some of the leading clinicians, teachers, administrators, and researchers in this field from the United States and Great Britain, it addresses critical issues from this specialty such as: Deaf/hearing cross cultural dynamics as they impact treatment organizations; Clinical and interpreting work with deaf persons with widely varying language abilities; Adaptations of best practices in inpatient, residential, trauma, and substance abuse treatment for deaf persons; Overcoming administrative barriers to establishing statewide continua of care University training of clinical specialists; The interplay of clinical and forensic responses to deaf people who commit crimes; An agenda of priorities for Deaf mental health research Each chapter contains numerous clinical case studies and places a heavy emphasis on providing practical intervention strategies in an interesting, easy to read style. All mental health professionals who work with deaf individuals will find this to be an invaluable resource for creating and maintaining culturally affirmative treatment with this population.