Deaf Interpreter Curriculum

Autor/a: National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers NCIEC
Año: 2014
Editorial: National Consortium of Interpreter Education Centers NCIEC, 2014
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital


Formación, Traducción e Interpretación


Based on the unique competencies required of the Deaf interpreter, the curriculum is designed for use in interpreting education programs and community-based forums. The NCIEC Deaf Interpreter Curriculum consists of six modules arranged in sequential order. Appendices include the Deaf interpreter competencies, worksheets, presentation slides, a glossary, and a comprehensive listing of resources.

The curriculum represents an important beginning of a new conversation about how best to prepare Deaf interpreters to carry out their specialized work, to contribute in important ways to their ongoing professional development, and to foster advancement of the field of Deaf interpreter practice.