Deaf Identity Development Scale

Autor/a: GLICKMAN, Neil S.; CAREY, J. C.
Año: 1993
Editorial: APA PsycTests, 1993
Tipo de código: Copyright
Soporte: Digital


Comunidad y cultura sorda


The Deaf Identity Development Scale (DIDS; Glickman & Carey, 1993) is a 54-item measure of four cultural orientations in Deaf people based on the Deaf identity development model (Glickman, 1993). They are as follows: culturally hearing, culturally marginal, immersion, and bicultural. A pool of items for the DIDS was composed using adaptations of theories and instruments of minority identity development. The literature on Deaf culture and identity was also reviewed. Lastly, Deaf and hearing experts knowledgeable about Deaf cultural identities were consulted. The initial pool of 85 items was given to judges, who selected 15 items for each of the four kinds of identity. The DIDS was then translated from English to American Sign Language (ASL) and then back-translated into English. The two English language versions were checked for equivalency. Using two samples of Deaf subjects, the 60-item DIDS was reduced to 54 following scale revisions. The Hearing, Immersion, and Bicultural scales were left with 14 items each and the Marginal scale with 12 items. Reliabilities were found to be acceptable.