Deaf History Unveiled: Interpretations from the New Scholarship

Autor/a: VAN CLEVE, John Vickrey (ed.)
Año: 1999
Editorial: Washington: Gallaudet University Press, 1999
Tipo de código: ISBN
Código: 978-1-56368-174-5
Soporte: Papel


Comunidad y cultura sorda, Historia, Arte y Cultura


Deaf History Unveiled features 16 essays, including work of Harlan Lane, Renate Fischer, Margret Winzer, William McCagg, and other noted historians in this field. Readers will discover the new themes driving Deaf history, including a telling comparison of the similar experiences of Deaf people and African Americans, both minorities with identifying characteristics that cannot be hidden to thwart bias.Other studies track societal paternalism toward deaf people in Italy, Hungary, and the United States. Adding to its intrigue, the new research in this milestone study provides evidence for previously uncredited self-determination of Deaf people in establishing education, employment, and social structures common throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Historians, teachers, and students alike will prize Deaf History Unveiled as a singular collection of insights that will change historical perspectives on the Deaf experience worldwide.